Plantar reflexology massage course

Foot reflexology is a complementary health care method and therapy that, through simple touch on a particular distal point, aims to act on the related organ or part of the body. The zones worked on are called “reflex zones” and are primarily situated on the feet and hands.

By working these particular reflex zones of the body, the entire organism can be harmonised, the organs can be regulated and a state of deep relaxation can be attained, which will by itself support the body’s self healing mechanisms and correct existing complaints.

As a simple and efficient practice that does not require any particular medical knowledge, reflexology is a therapeutic means, which is very useful to alleviate pain and functional disorders within the family, at the workplace or in self- treatment.

Practical information

Location of the course
The course is given in the Salvea Massage Centre- 214c, Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Brussels

Duration of the course
24 hours during 4 days (daytime, during the week)

Course Content
Techniques for a complete foot massage + work on specific reflex points + treatment for current pains

€450 all taxes included (syllabus and French or English diploma included)