Traditional Thaï massage

During this course, you will learn different Thai massage techniques and movements: pressure on energetic points, stretches, rotations, twists, arterial compresses, gentle movements for working on the joints. You will learn how to massage with your hands, elbows, forearms, knees and even your feet. We will show you how to take up a good working posture, how to use the weight of your body, rather than muscular strength, as well as your breath, in order to make the massage even more efficient.

Practical information:

Location of the course
The course is given in the Salvea Massage Centre- 214c, Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Brussels

Duration of the course
40 hours during 7 days (one week and two days, daytime)

Course Content
Complete Traditional Thai Massage (Supine, prone, side and sitting position)

650 € (all taxes included)
(ask for our two different payment formulas)