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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful adventures in a woman’s life. With the passing months the baby grows and increasingly gains weight and space in the womb of the mother. Despite the joy of being a future mother, some inconveniences may accompany this state of happiness, such as stiffness and muscle aches, nausea and stress. This is why massage for a pregnant [S1] woman proves to be a very useful tool, in order to curb some of these minor symptoms and drawbacks.

A massage offers the future mother a moment of stillness and serenity that she can share with her baby, which is receptive to her state of mind. As a result, both can benefit from her well being.

Massage for pregnant women is practiced in a comfortable side position, in which a big cushion supports her body. It is much more gentle than a traditional massage, yet despite its gentle approach, this massage can release tense muscles and cramps linked to the increase of bodily weight during pregnancy and can relieve lower back tensions, as well as in the neck, legs. It amplifies the respiration, softens the skin and the muscular system. In addition, the deep relaxation it evokes contributes to an improved quality of sleep.

Massage can show the future mother a way of relaxing that helps her to maximise her respiratory capacity when giving birth. Because of the well being it provides, massage can also help the young mother, after having given birth, to settle back into her body (which facilitates the breast feeding) and be nourished, so that she in turn, can nourish her new-born.

It means taking a moment for her during a period in which she is highly in demand by the care and attention her new- born requires. It gives her an opportunity to receive, in order for her to be able to give again…