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When we feel a muscle is taut, we instinctively press on the affected area and the muscle relaxes. This is the basic principle of acupressure, one of the most ancient forms of treatment.

This art of touch was developed in China, in parallel with acupuncture. The points of muscle tension that we feel usually correspond to what are called in Chinese medicine as acu-points. These acu-points are like lock-gates. Using fingertip pressure, acupressure therapists are like lock-keepers who adjust the body’s “energy flow”.

This simple but effective technique has a beneficial effect on a range of different well-known physical ailments: headaches, dizziness, muscle tension, constipation, etc. Like all forms of massage, acupressure also acts on your emotional and mental state.

These pressure techniques make an acupressure massage a particularly effective way to combat stress.